photos: pitchfork’s #offline festival

pitchfork’s cmj-colliding, kanye-crashing brooklyn bowl “festival” went down this past weekend, colliding with the cmj music marathon… from zola jesus to tanlines to big troubles to matthew dear to, yes, kanyeezy, it was a marathon indeed.

still working some b-slide pics to post as a set here on MAGIC, but for now, you can view the galleries on p4k.


| including wild nothing, small black, gold panda, beach fossils, dent may, keepaway

| including zola jesus, how to dress well, tanlines, baths, candy claws, sun airway, andrew cedermark, big troubles, avey tare

| including kanye west, gza, matthew dear, javelin, active child, cults, matthew dear, highlife, diamond rings

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