jan woo birthday blend

Jan Woo — one of Brooklyn’s preeminent up and comers — is a procurer of crystalline music and mystic vibes. Blurring and exploring the lines between rhythm and sound, Jan Woo will give you a rush of blood to your heart chakra and you will thank him for it. Emanating new age boogie and tantric sounds from his castle on high, a tower of Woo, made of smoke.

meet jan woo. jan has been filling live bassist duties for greatest hits, and as more people get hip, he has been more and more of a fixture at good cosmic parties in brooklyn, his elevated tastebuds informing inspired selections that have never failed to inject energy into our bodies. it’s his birthday today, and we’re happy to bring you this cosmic cocktail of hand-picked janny jammers.

“it tears me up inside. couldn’t imagine a better song”

woo mix:
Jan Woo – Lavender Dreams [mix]

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