avey tare – laughing hieroglyphic

Avey tare’s new record, down there, is one that somehow captures our vibe here in brooklyn even though he recorded it in an abandoned church in the swamp of nowhere. The opening track, “laughing hieroglyphic”, immediately spoke to us. The track opens with deep bubbles surfacing through that low frequency algae with warped vocals saying who knows what, just making us anticipate avey’s grand entrance. the scattered beat starts chiming in, the old accordion sounds creep forward, and we realize its not avey’s grand entrance, its more like stumbling across his abandoned sanctuary in the swamp while he is pouring part of himself out into the sludge surrounding him. I feel like im spying on him performing for no audience every time i hear this tune. Avey belts out his magic that can only come from deep within, and we love him for it.

avey tare – laughing hieroglyphic

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