audiovisual: last ghe20 gothik

audiovisual: last ghe20 gothik

Last night was the final episode of ghe20 gothik, a swirling, jerking celebration of our inner raver avatars. Dj’s decended from the next level giving earthlings an idea what it sounds like up there. dj rashad, 1/2 of the conspiracy behind ghettoteknitianz graced us with his juke. the ceiling split open revealing a virtual world above, where the footwork goes as fast as your processor can handle.
text by sasha winn

rashad, spinn and co (who you can also jam on the ghettophiles soundcloud) dropped these recent mixes on us:

FACT Mix 195 – DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (Oct ’10) by factmag
dj rashad and spinn fact mix

dj rashad xlr8r mix < might be even bigger (via xlr8r)

use these ghe20 gothik (and related) mixes as primers, crank them up as you explore this photogallery:

ghe20 gothik official mixtape by venus x, via dismagazine

and brenmar’s great 24k mix from summer:

24k Mix (<—click for tracklist) by BRENMAR

more on ghe20 gothik soundcloud

photos after the jump.

++ stills from a past ghe20 gothik