mix: altered zones, september

weird magic collaborated with altered zones to handpick their september highlights and stitch them into a single mp3 file. within 48 hours, we had to have the thing sequenced and spliced, and here are the results. there are some really deep jams and gems in here, so let yourself sink into these depths. check the original post (along with touching blurb) over at zones.

MP3: Altered Zones | September 2010 | Mix Series v2

01 Mark McGuire (of Emeralds): Brain Storm (For Erin)
02 Holy Other: YR LOVE
03 Coma Cinema: Her Sinking Sun
04 Tiago: Cloudy [via Teengirl Fantasy guest post]
05 Baby Jazz: Michael Jordan (excerpt)
06 Time Wharp: 1992
07 C V L T S: Flooded Forest
08 Marumari: Birch Beer Forest [via Keep Shelly in Athens guest post]
09 Part Time: If I Lose My Cool I’d Die
10 Algodón Egipcio: El Ingenio Humano
11 Pino Donaggio: Body Double (Lovelock Edit) [via Washed Out guest post]
12 Magick Mountain: Plains
13 Games: Shadows in Bloom
14 Manzanita Y Su Conjunto: Agua
15 Ponchos: This World Is Not My Home

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