autre ne veut

autre ne veut

autre ne veut is crafting some of the most forward-thinking avant-pop music we’ve encountered in a long time. any of the tracks on the self-titled record may as well have surfaced on mediafire blogs as forgotten adult contemporary pop standards from the late 70s/early 80s.

for this post in which present to you four tracks, two videos, we picked some favorites off the s/t oesb debut. “drama cum drama” and “demoneyez” both take us to elevated dimensions, with instantly infectious layers of falsetto atop a bed of glistening glass. both exploding at the end, ultimately reaching the same conclusion, only with “demoneyez” a bit more up-front about getting there.

autre ne veut – drama cum drama
autre ne veut – demoneyez

our friend luke wyatt‘s data-mulch video for “soldier” is the perfect accompaniment to this skewed slab of magical pop:


via visitationrites

also check “emotional,” which immediately validates the merit of good found-footage music videos:


via bobka

all songs off s/t on olde english spelling bee
(img courtesy autre ne veut )

audiovisual: last ghe20 gothik

audiovisual: last ghe20 gothik

Last night was the final episode of ghe20 gothik, a swirling, jerking celebration of our inner raver avatars. Dj’s decended from the next level giving earthlings an idea what it sounds like up there. dj rashad, 1/2 of the conspiracy behind ghettoteknitianz graced us with his juke. the ceiling split open revealing a virtual world above, where the footwork goes as fast as your processor can handle.
text by sasha winn

rashad, spinn and co (who you can also jam on the ghettophiles soundcloud) dropped these recent mixes on us:

FACT Mix 195 – DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (Oct ’10) by factmag
dj rashad and spinn fact mix

dj rashad xlr8r mix < might be even bigger (via xlr8r)

use these ghe20 gothik (and related) mixes as primers, crank them up as you explore this photogallery:

ghe20 gothik official mixtape by venus x, via dismagazine

and brenmar’s great 24k mix from summer:

24k Mix (<—click for tracklist) by BRENMAR

more on ghe20 gothik soundcloud

photos after the jump.


jan woo birthday blend

jan woo birthday blend

Jan Woo — one of Brooklyn’s preeminent up and comers — is a procurer of crystalline music and mystic vibes. Blurring and exploring the lines between rhythm and sound, Jan Woo will give you a rush of blood to your heart chakra and you will thank him for it. Emanating new age boogie and tantric sounds from his castle on high, a tower of Woo, made of smoke.

meet jan woo. jan has been filling live bassist duties for greatest hits, and as more people get hip, he has been more and more of a fixture at good cosmic parties in brooklyn, his elevated tastebuds informing inspired selections that have never failed to inject energy into our bodies. it’s his birthday today, and we’re happy to bring you this cosmic cocktail of hand-picked janny jammers.

“it tears me up inside. couldn’t imagine a better song”

woo mix:
Jan Woo – Lavender Dreams [mix]

photos: cmj friday

photos: cmj friday

photos by joe perez and erez avissar

there were too many good shows on friday: light asylum and co tore up coco66, zola jesus, avey tare and others were steady flooring it at brooklyn bowl, death by audio hosted a diverse group of young innovators, including greatest hits, teen inc and prince rama, and silent barn had a titillating bill including the legend r. stevie moore, tonstartssbandht and butts. thakfully there are photographers like joe perez (part of the great eyebodega collective), willing to hop from venue to venue snapping pretty pixels to help us live vicariously. he’s consistently impressed, from his great shots at the mtymx festival, to eloquently capturing market hotel‘s heyday. check the portfolio for more). below, find photos from altered zones cmj showcase @ death by audio and silent barn later, feat. r. stevie moore and butts.

(we missed prince rama, but you can check out our friend leia jospe’s shots @ altered zones)

more after the jump.


video: light asylum “dark allies” live

shannon funchess is one of the most intense women in music. like a bolt of lightning, her voice vast and deep, with the ability to cut right through greenpoint’s coco66, and detonate our skulls via choppy pixels and crude sound. wild untamed power, your body trying to move and not just crumble. their world sucking you in, daring you to try (or want) to resist.

photos: pitchfork’s #offline festival

pitchfork’s cmj-colliding, kanye-crashing brooklyn bowl “festival” went down this past weekend, colliding with the cmj music marathon… from zola jesus to tanlines to big troubles to matthew dear to, yes, kanyeezy, it was a marathon indeed.

still working some b-slide pics to post as a set here on MAGIC, but for now, you can view the galleries on p4k.


| including wild nothing, small black, gold panda, beach fossils, dent may, keepaway

| including zola jesus, how to dress well, tanlines, baths, candy claws, sun airway, andrew cedermark, big troubles, avey tare

| including kanye west, gza, matthew dear, javelin, active child, cults, matthew dear, highlife, diamond rings

ariel pink covers/remix comp // are you gonna look after my boys?

pinglewood did the world a solid by gathering a diverse group of artists to reinterpret/reinvent ariel pink songs.

stream it here:
Pinglewood Pingcast S01E02 – Ariel Pink Special by pinglewood

you can also download individual tracks and the whole thing as a zip file.

here are our favorite cuts:

the master bullion‘s remix of “menopause man”
ariel pink – menopause man (bullion remix)
uk’s great waskerley way reimagine “are you gonna look after my boys”, to saccharine, ethereal results.
waskerley way – are you gonna look after my boys?

BONUS: here’s the video for the o.g. “are you gonna look after my boys?”


foto: cmj week [weds]

all photos by erez avissar.


foto: cmj week day 1

all photos by erez avissar.


avey tare – laughing hieroglyphic

Avey Tare

Avey tare’s new record, down there, is one that somehow captures our vibe here in brooklyn even though he recorded it in an abandoned church in the swamp of nowhere. The opening track, “laughing hieroglyphic”, immediately spoke to us. The track opens with deep bubbles surfacing through that low frequency algae with warped vocals saying who knows what, just making us anticipate avey’s grand entrance. the scattered beat starts chiming in, the old accordion sounds creep forward, and we realize its not avey’s grand entrance, its more like stumbling across his abandoned sanctuary in the swamp while he is pouring part of himself out into the sludge surrounding him. I feel like im spying on him performing for no audience every time i hear this tune. Avey belts out his magic that can only come from deep within, and we love him for it.

avey tare – laughing hieroglyphic

dj nate – see into my eyes

dj nate is killing it.

we’ve been following this enigmatic young beat swordsman since salem let their otherworldly xxjfg mix loose on the world, and have gone from stalking his imeem (rest in peace), to his youtube, to watching him hijack the blogging sphere, to bumped in avey tare dj sets and the like. the evanescence-sampling “see into my eyes” and “ima burn him” are but doses of nate’s “genious”. both are off september’s da trak genious// lots more on youtube [search uploads for “dj nate”].

dj nate – see into my eyes

dj nate – ima burn him

hooray for earth – comfortable, comparable (zambri remix)

new remix from the zambri sisters, who, when not seen collaborating with and backing up bear in heaven, have been hard at work prepping their first record. just came across this new remix over at impose, and was quickly transported by this rapid-fire chopped and warped world of disembodied vowels and thumping percussion. my roommate walked in and thought i was listening to panda bear, “if panda bear was doing revolutionary shit right now.” while i don’t necessarily agree with that, it really isn’t far off the mark, these recontextualized vocals approaching the ghost of brian wilson.

Hooray For Earth – Comfortable, Comparable (Zambri Remix)


cmj week 2010

well, kiddies.
cmj is upon us.
this is a hyper-condensed list of the shows we consider weird magic enough. we’ll be at each of these, at least spiritually. blogging/tweeting a storm, in a cloud of dust. of course, snapping photos.
we’re secretly going to be djing several showcases as well. details soon (maybe).

here’s the schedule. again, we’ve been super selective, so hit up our pals in the sidebar to see what they’ve got brewing. too much good stuff, and probably a lot of greatness we don’t even know about.

TUES 10/19

GROUP TIGHTENER / ACEPHALE party: How To Dress Well, Small Black, Dead Gaze, Porcelain Raft, Nude Beach, Secret Colours @ Shea Stadium
:: djs CFCF, Korallreven, Rezound
more info

iamsound showcase: MEN, Salem, Restless People,Kisses, Superhumanoids, Lesands, Nikki Lane @ Santo’s party house
santos website

friendship bracelet x rose quartz: Gary War, Big Troubles, Total Slacker, Greatest Hits, Tonstartssbandht, Woodsman // DJs The-Glide, Chicago Slime, Peace Sampras @ bruar falls

WEDS 10/20

chocolate bobka cmj: Dent May (6pm), Pure Ecstasy (5:10pm), Young Prisms (4:20pm), Family Portrait (3:30pm), La Big Vic (2:40pm), Laurel Halo (1:50pm), Arches (1pm) @ pianos

Impose CMJ Imposition: woodsman, Lower Dens, Talk Normal, Prince Rama, PC Worship @ Don Pedro

stereo*gun (stereogum+popgun) cmj: Secret Guest (1am), Apache Beat (12:30am), Wild Nothing (12am), Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (11:30pm), Marnie Stern (11pm), Diamond Rings (10:30pm), DOM (10pm), MINKS (9:30pm), Tamaryn (9pm), Houses (8:30pm), Lower Dens (8pm), Evan Voytas (7:30pm)
@ santos

THU 10/21

pitchfork #offline: Dave Sitek/Maximum Balloon (DJ Set), Wild Nothing, Gold Panda, Small Black, Beach Fossils, Times New Viking, DOM, Lower Dens, Dent May, Keepaway, Dominique Young Unique @ brooklyn bowl

i guess i’m floating party: Baths, Oberhofer, Young Man, Beach Fossils, Pepper Rabbit, Violens, Class Actress, MillionYoung, Teen Daze, Foxes in Fiction, Blackbird Blackbird, Young The Giant, Viernes @ pianos

Paw Tracks: Prince Rama, Light Pollution, Deakin, Dent May, Cloud Nothings, Ear Pwr and Avey Tare DJ @ cake shop

FRI 10/22

pitchfork #offline: Avey Tare (Dj Set), Zola Jesus, Deradoorian, Glasser, How To Dress Well, Tanlines, Baths, Marnie Stern, Cloud Nothings, Candy Claws, Sun Airway, Andrew Cedermark, Big Troubles, More TBA

R. Stevie Moore / Butts / Tonstartssbandht / Black Feelings / Lame Drivers @ silent barn

last friday cmj: Tamaryn, Frankie Rose & The Outs, Light Asylum @ Coco 66

altered zones cmj: Greatest Hits, Woven Bones, Teen Inc, Prince Rama, Excepter, John Maus, How To Dress Well (DJ Set) @ Death By Audio

yours cmj: Sun Airway, Cults, Kisses, Laurel Halo, Candy Claws, Young Man, Oberhofer, Guards, James Vincent McMorrow @ glasslands

SAT 10/23

pitchfork #offline: Titus Andronicus, Fool’s Gold (ft. A-Trak, Treasure Fingers, Donnis, CyHi Da Prynce, the Suzan, Kingdom, Araabmuzik), Matthew Dear, Freddie Gibbs, Javelin, Cults, Active Child, Ty Segall, Diamond Rings, Highlife, Lord Huron @ brooklyn bowl

fmly + impose cmj: Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Truman Peyote, Blissed Out, Tonstartsbandht, Tog, Birthdays, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emily Reo @ the woods

Surfer Blood / Neon Indian / DOM / Wild Nothing / Lower Dens / Lia Ices / Fake Problems / Lord Huron / The Static Jacks / Plus Special Guests @ bowery ballroom

SUN 10/24

Laurel Halo, Gatekeeper, La Big Vic, Innergaze, Driphouse @ Glasslands

woodsman play market hotel

starting two fridays ago, we’ve been featuring live music every friday night at market hotel at sundown for cosmic yoga and gathering as a regular thing. last week we had white rainbow [photos here]. friday before that we had driphouse, real estate’s etienne duguay and big troubles’ alex craig. in the past, we’ve had la big vic, prince rama, forma, blissed out and others. and many more to come. join the facebook group and follow on twitter to stay up.

market hotel is currently closed for shows but still alight with activity. this is an excellent way to show support, hang out, and listen to great music. plus free exercise! check and for more info on what we’re all up to.

this friday we bring you a special set from woodsman. flyer above, media below, more information after the jump. get ready to fly.

woodsman – balance from Mystery Tape EP

woodsman plays shea stadium tonight along with run dmt, la big vic, night manager, and birthdays. packed bill. we’ll be there snapping photos and probably jamming tracks off our ipods.


cold magic: drew price’s bermuda triangle – old magic

drew prince bermuda triangle

We keep coming back to this cold, lazy track, by drew price’s bermuda triangle. sounds like drew price is entering the third stage of hypothermia and drifting off into that deep sleep while singing his last words to us.

Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle – Old Magic

[via xxjfg / photo jolie ma]

video: gatekeeper, salem, el guincho

weird magic’s first video post presents a little bit of our world projected through your oculars and into the back of your brain, with not one, but three choice videos:

gatekeeper takes you into virtual alterna-reality with “chains”. slip into this third-life cyber-journey through the cgi mountainscape on your way to the best dance party in hades.

salem‘s video for “asia” starts right off with the dark imagery of lecherous, rifle yielding kids on an abandoned dirt road at night. This vid feels as if you were to watch the flashes of the last night you took xanax as it was recorded through your eyes. just grainy hazed clips of running through neon green nightvision fields, spliced with a little inebriated skinny dipping.

and we couldn’t post this cluster of audiovisual splendor without including el guincho‘s video for “bombay”. If you haven’t caught this one, now is your time to explore the cosmos, or at least the good parts of it.

GATEKEEPER | “Chains” | from Thunder Horse Video on Vimeo.

[via gvsb]

[via p4k]

EL GUINCHO | Bombay | from Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

[via everyone, via ifc]

magic from south africa

foto: monster vibeland

foto: monster vibeland

fotos below. some of them might move….
big ups vibes management for putting these events together.


mix: altered zones, september

mix: altered zones, september

weird magic collaborated with altered zones to handpick their september highlights and stitch them into a single mp3 file. within 48 hours, we had to have the thing sequenced and spliced, and here are the results. there are some really deep jams and gems in here, so let yourself sink into these depths. check the original post (along with touching blurb) over at zones.

MP3: Altered Zones | September 2010 | Mix Series v2

01 Mark McGuire (of Emeralds): Brain Storm (For Erin)
02 Holy Other: YR LOVE
03 Coma Cinema: Her Sinking Sun
04 Tiago: Cloudy [via Teengirl Fantasy guest post]
05 Baby Jazz: Michael Jordan (excerpt)
06 Time Wharp: 1992
07 C V L T S: Flooded Forest
08 Marumari: Birch Beer Forest [via Keep Shelly in Athens guest post]
09 Part Time: If I Lose My Cool I’d Die
10 Algodón Egipcio: El Ingenio Humano
11 Pino Donaggio: Body Double (Lovelock Edit) [via Washed Out guest post]
12 Magick Mountain: Plains
13 Games: Shadows in Bloom
14 Manzanita Y Su Conjunto: Agua
15 Ponchos: This World Is Not My Home

first time visitors, here are a few good places to start:

img credit max capacity

weird magic – spanish rainbow (burnkinds edit)


new track,
just a taste, brought straight from home.
discover the calm that rests in the eye of your storm.

stay tuned

weird magic – spanish rainbow (burnkinds edit)